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Introducing Genthair DHT Blocker, a revolutionary solution that combines Finasteride and Minoxidil. It effectively blocks DHT, a key cause of hair loss, while also revitalizing the scalp to promote hair regrowth up to 10 times faster than other products. Experience fuller, healthier hair with Genthair DHT Blocker.

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How does Genthair surpass? By pioneering the TransFin Technology, Genthair has skillfully converted Finasteride into a powerful topical treatment. When synergized with Minoxidil, it escalates regrowth rate to ten times more than ordinary products. With key additions of biotin and glycerin, hair is not just replenished but also strengthened and softened. Turn to Genthair for unparalleled hair restoration.


If you're looking to solve your hair loss issues once and for all, Genthair is the right choice for you. It effortlessly tackles any hair loss concerns. Genthair has made a groundbreaking combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil, resulting in a hair growth solution completely free of side effects and drug dependence. Clinical trials with tens of thousands of patients show that after just one course of treatment with Genthair (about 10 bottles), 97% of users successfully put an end to hair loss – and didn't experience a relapse even after stopping the treatment!


Endorsed by Doctors, Crafted by Dermatologist for Prime Efficiency

Genthair ensures safety and top-notch efficacy. With revolutionary research backing and satisfaction from over a million users, this powerful Finasteride and Minoxidil blend promotes significant regrowth. Featuring biotin and glycerin, it strengthens and hydrates without side effects or dependency. Simple to use, Genthair fits your routine and offers a professional hair revival solution that's affordable.

Unlock the Secret to Hair Regrowth


Finasteride, FDA-approved for male hair growth, cuts DHT levels to combat its negative impact on follicles, aiding in the prevention of DHT-driven hair loss and encouraging a healthier scalp for hair regrowth.


Minoxidil, known for treating hair loss, but it can initially increase shedding and cause dependency. Genthair's TransFin technology, blending Minoxidil with Finasteride, has successfully tackled these drawbacks.

Biotin & Glycerin

Biotin and glycerin nourish hair follicles and supply oxygen, aiding in follicle expansion and the growth of thicker, stronger hair. They also help strengthen new strands to prevent reoccurrence of hair loss.

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Genthair Satisfied Customers

Discover the Hair Regrowth Stories with Genthair's Solution

"Amazing outcomes"

"I'm amazed by the incredible results I've seen with Genthair! I struggled with thinning hair and significant hair loss, which was really affecting my self-confidence. I decided to give Genthair a chance, and from the very first few applications, I noticed a substantial difference. My hair not only started to grow back but also felt stronger and looked healthier. It's easy to apply, gentle on the scalp, and truly effective. At last, I can enjoy the look of fuller hair. I'm thankful for Genthair!"

"Genuine remedy for my problem."

"As someone who has struggled with hair loss for many years, I was skeptical about any product claiming to regrow hair. However, Genthair has proven to be a real solution to my problem. Since I started using this hair growth product, there has been a significant improvement in the thickness and health of my hair. It's easy to use, and I've noticed my hair becoming fuller and stronger. I now start my days feeling more confident and refreshed, and even my friends and family have noticed this positive change. Genthair has truly made a meaningful difference in my life."

"Permanently resolved the hair loss issue."

"Genthair has been a game-changer in my battle against hair loss. I've been facing this issue since my twenties, and no matter what method or treatment I tried, nothing seemed to work. After years of unsuccessful attempts, I was introduced to Genthair, and to say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. The application process was incredibly simple, thanks to its roll-on applicator. Within just 4 weeks, I began to see significant improvements – my hair was growing back, and it felt healthier and more robust. After using 10 bottles consistently, I decided to pause the treatment, and to my delight, I experienced no relapse in hair loss."

Distinct Features

Desire Luxuriant, Thicker Hair Every Day?

TransFin Technology

Breakthrough transdermal application of Finasteride enhances ingredient absorption.

Roll-on Applicator

Clean and convenient, doesn't make a mess on the scalp.

Lightweight and Portable

Suitable for use at home or on the go, ensuring uninterrupted treatment.

Cruelty Free

No need for costly surgeries, an affordable hair regrowth treatment for everyone.

Our Commitment to Your Contentment

Genthair stands by its promise of unparalleled quality and user satisfaction.


Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. If you are not satisfied with your hair growth after 30 days, please return the product to us and we will issue a refund.


Founded online and rooted in American innovation, Genthair is an innovative hair growth roller that stands as the pinnacle of dependable design and craftsmanship.


Experience peace of mind with our 24/7 customer support, ensuring that we're always here when you need us.


Enjoy free shipping on all eligible Genthair orders. Because effective hair restoration shouldn't come with hidden expenses.


While the origins of Genthair remain proudly American, we guarantee that each product undergoes rigorous quality control checks, ensuring only the best reaches you.


Genthair users boast a success rate of up to 97%. With each strand of hair restored to vitality, we move ever closer to our goal.

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Men 18 years and older can use it with confidence, however, it is not recommended for female users.

By pioneering the TransFin Technology, Genthair has skillfully converted Finasteride into a powerful topical treatment. When synergized with Minoxidil, it escalates regrowth rate to ten times more than ordinary products.

Even if other methods have failed you, Genthair is likely to help you achieve hair regrowth instantly! Clinical studies have shown that Genthair is effective for 97% of individuals experiencing hair loss. In any case, we offer a 30-day guarantee to ensure that Genthair is the solution you've been searching for.

Genthair is effective for male androgenetic alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, as well as hair loss caused by genetics or stress.

Absolutely, as long as there are still hair follicles on your scalp, Genthair can deliver nutrients to dormant follicles and stimulate hair regrowth with the action of Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Hair transplants can be very expensive and the results are not permanent, plus you'll be facing a lengthy recovery period with potential discomfort. Genthair, on the other hand, allows for hair regrowth painlessly at less than one-tenth the cost of a transplant. Therefore, Genthair is more affordable, more effective, and the best choice for you.

It varies from person to person, but most users will see significant results within about 4 weeks.

Genthair is made in the USA, and the materials invested in it have been proven safe and effective by the FDA, and are manufactured under strict quality control in an FDA-registered facility. Cheaper alternatives from other countries might be less expensive, but you don't want to apply something to your scalp every day without knowing the manufacturing conditions and the composition of the materials.

FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 5-7 business days in the United States.

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Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. If you are not satisfied with your hair growth after 30 days, please return the product to us and we will issue a refund, which includes Free shipping on returns.

Our designers have crafted two distinct packaging designs for our products. Once you've received your order, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the packaging via email. Rest assured, the product's quality and ingredients remain consistent. Thank you for your understanding and support!