Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really that loud?

A: Yes! Safassurex's call is 130 decibels - as loud as a jet engine.

Q: Can I test Safassurex?

A: Yes, you can test Safassurex at any time.Simply remove the pin at any time to activate the condom. To stop the siren and strobe light, simply insert the thimble into the body and Safassurex will stop immediately. However, it is worth noting things, NEVER POINT THE STROBE LIGHT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYES when testing and you need to consider not getting complaints from your neighbors about the noise of the test.

Q: Will it go off accidentally?

A: Pulling the pin requires two pounds of force. That makes it easy to pull on purpose with a minimal risk of accidental alarm. You can keep  Safassurex in your bag or pocket and not be afraid of accidental alarms.

Q: Where can I clip it?

A: Pretty much anywhere! Safassurex  comes with a small carabiner that can easily hook into keychains, bags, backpacks, and more.

Q: Is it water resistant?

A: Yes, so you can keep her handy in the wild, at the beach, or by the pool.

Q: How long does the battery last, and can it be replaced?

A: Safassurex uses 2 CR2 batteries and lasts a year without losing power and 40 straight minutes once activated. Her batteries can be replaced any time.

Q: Do I need  Safassurex if I already carry mace or pepper spray?

A: Yes, by drawing attention and help to scare off potential attackers. And Safassurex can be used as a nonviolent way to ensure that you don't completely provoke an attacker and lead to a more serious offense.